Using education to overcome challenges in a conflict setting

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“My daughter wouldn’t have been able to attend school. We couldn't afford to buy her school supplies. Having been living in a conflict setting, the opportunity has done more for my daughter than give her access to an education. It's also enabled her to cope with the trauma she's experienced from being displaced. Before she

A boy making the greatest out of his first chance at schooling

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“The students of government school have quitted their education two weeks earlier than the regular school closing time. They didn’t start class for the last three weeks because of the drought in the community. However we have been attending class without interruption for imagine1day is providing us water every other day,” says Abdi Mesela, 14

Sharing the results of our Annual Report

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 The Educate A Girl project provides opportunities for girls who have completed grade 8 to continue their studies at high schools in nearby urban centers. The program fully funds the... (read more)Education, transformational leadership training, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and child protection are our current pillars of intervention. We have impacted over… (read more)Help

Spring 2021 Newsletter: Helping Ethiopia’s hardest hit during the global pandemic

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Imagine1day has continued its humanitarian response to people affected by the current crisis in Tigray Region.In partnership with UNICEF, we have launched an education and child protection project for Internally Displaced People in the Mekelle and Shire towns of Tigray region. This project will impact over 7,600 children with Education in Emergency program and over

Kaliti’s story, A girl with a second chance at schooling

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“I had lost all hope that my life could be any better, but then imagine1day’s education opportunity enabled me to dream of a bright future,” says Kaliti Galgalo, who was able to access at-home education via radio after a more than a two-year absence from school.Kaliti was just 10 years old when she was displaced

Godana: Paving the way on the journey of displacement

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Nedi, Godana’s mother “After what my son experienced, it is a privilege that he is able to access education. Given his individualist nature of dealing with his problems on his own, I was worried about his fate with no education,” says Nedi, Godana’s mother.Godana Wariyo, 13 years old, had suffered the trauma of displacement

March Project Update
Step 1: Clean Water

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In Buluk community, like many remote villages in Ethiopia, girls spend a lot of their day on the endless task of fetching water. Sometimes they travel as much as four hours back and forth, with only river water available. And even then they must share with their cattle. “The river water we use for drinking

Three new schools built despite COVID challenges

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 imagine1day Project Update February 2021 Over the last three years, imagine1day has partnered with the Costa Foundation to carry on the critical work of granting access to education for out-of-school children across Ethiopia. Since 2017, they have constructed a total of  nine  schools together.Here is our project update on the three latest critical school openings. In the Oromia

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