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Be part of a movement to empower Ethiopia through education

imagine1day + WE

Two incredible Canadian charities are joining forces to deliver an even greater impact in Ethiopia, and beyond.

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Travel with us to Ethiopia

Help us build a new school in Ethiopia, and travel there yourself to celebrate with the community on an eight-day life changing journey.

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Advancing education through leadership

Gosaye Gizaw has a big job: as the Education Office Head for Ethiopia’s Bale Zone, he is responsible for the education of 350,000 children.

He was one of 350 influential figures we invited to our leadership training in May, together with Lightyear Leadership. Through leadership training, we taught these people how to develop a personal legacy and to map this out through visions and goals.

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A community so committed to education, they raised $42k

At imagine1day, any school we build is done in partnership with the community: right down to the financial costs. To ensure local ownership and pride, we ask the communities themselves to contribute at least 10% of the construction costs.

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Rather than simply responding to a need, imagine1day was inspired by the ambition of a nation and its people.

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