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Be part of a movement to give all Ethiopian children access to quality education, free from foreign aid, by 2030.

Travel with us to Ethiopia

Help us build a new school in Ethiopia, and travel there yourself to celebrate with the community on an eight-day life changing journey.

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Imagine 100%

100% of all donations go to education projects in Ethiopia that are transforming this amazing country.

Our imagine 100% promise


becomes reality

Over 265,000 people’s lives are being transformed each year through education and training.


partner schools, with 41 schools and 233 classrooms built from the ground up.


books, 184 science kits, and 160 sports sets provided to schools.


school clubs created, with girls leading half of them.

Meet Semere

Thanks to people like you, we’ve built a school in Semere’s village. It means he will be the first child ever, in his family history going back generations, to finish primary school. Please join us and give other kids the same chance.


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Unleash Your Creativity

The team behind RIDE vs ONE turned their spin class into a school in Ethiopia. Use your imagination to do some super cool stuff that will make a difference in your life and to those around you.

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Working within the public education system, we align each of our projects with Ethiopia’s current and long term education priorities, fitting perfectly with their vision of a future where all children have a chance to go to school.

Developing leaders

Developing leaders

We don’t build schools and walk away. We invest in people. From the local village to senior government, we create great leaders.

A holistic approach

A holistic approach

Together, we tackle all the barriers, from poor quality classrooms and out-of-date teaching styles to harmful traditional practices and gender discrimination.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit

Founded by entrepreneurs and run by entrepreneurs. That’s us. We set ambitious goals, with strict deadlines and apply strategic thinking and imaginative solutions.


One ride ✔ One hour ✔ One school ✔

In June last year, the halls of the Vancouver Art Gallery echoed with cheers as 40 cyclists took part in RIDE vs ONE. Their mission was simple: one ride, one hour, one school.

On Sunday, more cheers were heard – on the plains of Ethiopia where 3,000 people turned out to celebrate the opening of the school RIDE vs ONE helped fund.

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From lessons under a tree to modern classrooms

Ten years ago, Mekenisa School was born. Just 20 students attended, taught by one teacher under the shade of a tree.

Abdulnasir was one of those children, a young eight-year-old boy attempting to get an education. He remembers the school well, but not fondly, recalling the discomfort of spending long lessons on the ground, constantly keeping dust out of his eyes or trying to cool down from the baking sun.

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Rather than simply responding to a need, imagine1day was inspired by the ambition of a nation and its people.

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