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About Imagine1day®

Imagine1day is a humanitarian and development organization exclusively operating in Ethiopia on Education, Child Protection and Gender Based Violence (GBV), Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) as well as Transformational Leadership.

Since its inception, Imagine1day has created access to quality education for over 500,000+ children annually including 186,570 primary-age out-of-school children in Ethiopia and dramatically improved the quality of education, community engagement, and government leadership across ten regions and 1,105 schools.


Children have access to Education in Emergency
Individuals Received Psycho-Social Support
Children helped via Protection Services

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Partner Schools including 188 Schools Built by Imagine1day®
people reached with access to safe and durable Water and Sanitation Services.
Children Annually impacted including 186,570 Previously Out-of-School Children Enrolled.
People Transformed through Capacity Building Training.

Pillars of Intervention


Education is the focus of all Imagine1day operations through the four essential sub-pillars. Our education program addresses both the demand and supply barriers to children’s education.

Imagine1day focus on creating access, improving quality, efficiency and equity.


Child Protection (CP) and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) prevention programs and services ensures the safeguarding of children and GBV prevention. Gender-based violence protection programs support raising communities’ awareness of GBV prevention, mitigation, and response.


In Ethiopia, nearly 50% of the population have no access to clean water. WASH is our pillar. The three aspects of WASH can act as an immense barrier to education for many children. Fetching water is often a girl’s responsibility. Girls in a family unit can be expected to walk for hours each day, preventing them from accessing education.


At imagine1day we offer transformational leadership so that leaders can leave a positive legacy for generations.


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Together we make all the difference

Roasters for Wells

The Campaign Roasters for Wells is a collaborative project between 5 coffee roasters in Vancouver, and imagine1day that aims

Change a child’s life today!

Every donation can help give a child access to education to improve not only their life, but the life of their entire community.

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