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Imagine a day when education is available to all children, regardless of geography, income level or gender. Help make this possibility a reality. 100% of your online donation will directly fund education projects.

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imagine1day Leadership Circle

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Our Leadership Circle is a network of forward-thinking, established and emerging philanthropists who know that a culture of goal-setting and leadership development is paramount to people creating change they want for their communities, their families and their lives.

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Travel to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is amazing, and so are you. Adventure with us to the cradle of humanity and meet our partners in their communities. Be in wonder as your
heart opens wider than you thought possible.

Expect the unexpected.

Kids – Take Action and Have Fun

Some of the most creative fundraising ideas we’ve seen have been invented by children and youth. Kids – think of how you can turn some of the things you already love to do – like arts, sports or music – into a fun project that raises money to help kids in Ethiopia go to school.

Make this world awesome.

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Every donation can help give a child access to education to improve not only their life, but the life of their entire community.