“The students of government school have quitted their education two weeks earlier than the regular school closing time. They didn’t start class for the last three weeks because of the drought in the community. However we have been attending class without interruption for imagine1day is providing us water every other day,” says Abdi Mesela, 14 years of age Accelerated Primary Learning Program (APLP) student in Kubura site.

Abdi is one of 125 APLP students in Kubura IDP site. He is known for his bold and extraordinary presence in the school. He is active participant of three clubs –gender, life skill and sport club. AbdulahiHussen, Abdi’s teacher says, “Abdi is very wise for his age – he is matured and critical thinker. He is different from his peers. He always asks question and he prefers serious things over fun.He is an outstanding student from the entire site. He has been actively serving in the three clubs particularly in gender club. He is very great at mobilizing the community and girls about harmful traditional practices, menstrual hygiene management and girls education.”


The teaching aids, the learning teaching process and the entire setting of the school has helped Abdi be as good as he is.

Abdi says, “My school is very conducive in every aspect. It is attractive, we have adequate facilities and our teachers are clever. I usually am an eyes breakerin class participation. My teachers always tell me that I am role model to the rest of the students in school and I don’t want to lose that belief. I want to make my family proud.”


Environmental science is Abdi’s favorite subject as he likes reading a lot. He wants to be a prime minister while he completes his education.

“I am addicted to reading – I literally read anything written. Environmental Science has more of theory to read relative to the rest of other subjects and I like it the most.  I don’t want people to suffer from displacement like us. I want to be a prime minister so that I will be able to make my country safe and developed. I thank imagine1day and UNICEF for giving me an opportunity to schooling.”