Imagine1day has continued its humanitarian response to people affected by the current crisis in Tigray Region.

In partnership with UNICEF, we have launched an education and child protection project for Internally Displaced People in the Mekelle and Shire towns of Tigray region. This project will impact over 7,600 children with Education in Emergency program and over 94,000 children with protection service. The project provided parents and children we reached with hope and ensured learning continuity for children aged 4-14 through accelerated learning programs. The program also provides protection and referral services through effective case management for unaccompanied and separated children, mental health and psychosocial support, and protection against sexual exploitation and abuse. Our long-time existence in the region and successful experience of implementing emergency projects enabled us to quickly and efficiently reach people in need.

Beyond this large-scale intervention, imagine1day has been soliciting resources from local philanthropists and staff to provide immediate life-saving assistance to mothers and children in IDPs. Supports include milk, dignity kits, mattresses, and clothes and were distributed to over 2,500 mothers and 300 children.

By 2030, all Ethiopian children will have access to quality education free of foreign aid.

Kenani Sora, a grade 2 student, and her family had no idea about COVID-19, like most Belanbel Internally Displaced People (IDP) community members. They were not in a position to access media outlets, nor did they receive any NGO or government assistance – not even a visit. Schools had been closed for two years, movement limited, and the IDP community completely disconnected from the rest of the world.

Dimtu, Kenani’s mother, says, “We didn’t have any information about COVID-19 and we wouldn’t have given it any attention. We were already feeling hopeless due to several other problems. The worst thing is, two organizations promised us aid and assistance to help but due to the instability, it never arrived. We worried the same thing was going to happen when imagine1day first came to include us in their plans.”

But imagine1day was there to support and provide aid to Kenani’s family and thousands of others… Click to read more >

As the rest of the world grapples with the global pandemic, in the East Guji Zone of Ethiopia, it is no different. A COVID-19 crisis has emerged and enveloped most of the area, preventing emergency provisions, creating barriers to accessing education, clean water has been difficult to source and access to supplies has been limited.

Imagine1day was able to provide 1,500 solar, chargeable radios complete with nightstand lights and 1,482 educational USBs to 6,000 children in grades 1-4 and distributed 23,000 soaps to over 2,100 households… Click to read more >

Amanuel joined the team at imagine1day in 2015 as Community Development Officer in the Ahferom District of Tigray. In his position, Amanuel has conducted countless needs assessments and provided capacity-building training for teachers, students, school clubs, community-based associations, local leaders, stakeholders and partners. He has helped solidify imagine1day’s culture and values in targeted schools and amongst partners and stakeholders alike and normalized the idea of community contribution and the “one book donation per household” philosophy.

In 2017, Amanuel was promoted to Capacity Building Officer in Mekelle, Tigray. Not only has he continued to support the aforementioned stakeholder groups, but he has also engaged our Project Advisor Committees (PAC), coordinating Community Development Officers (CDOs) and Community Mobilizing Officers (CMO), through the facilitation of donor trips and inaugurations.

Since January 2021, Amanuel left his family and moved to Shire to lead imagine1day’s Education and Child protection in emergency program. He is currently supporting internally displaced people particularly children, adolescent girls and women through education in emergency and protection services.

His major achievements include contributing to the enrollment of over 20,000 Out-Of-School-Children (OOSC), the construction of 100 classrooms and 16 water points, the collection of 1.6 million Ethiopian Birr community cash contributions, increased community participation in schools in Ahferom by 38% and has facilitated over 20 successful Major Donors visits. Thank you, Amanuel, for all that you do!

  • Your $50 donation could ensure learning continuity for a child in Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Tigray.
  • Your donation enrolls and retains over 1,500 OOSC in Gerbi Galo school in Ethiopia’s Oromia region.
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