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2023-08-10T18:59:45+00:00August 10th, 2023|CP/GBV, EAC, Education, LEAP, Oromia Region|

“I knew neither my mother, nor my father as they both died when I was very little. Hordofa raised me along with his nine [children],” remarks 14-year-old Wogene, a class 7 student in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, with his sights set intently on the future.  At the tender age of 2, the young boy was seemingly

A boy coping with displacement trauma via access to Accelerated Primary Learning Program

2023-08-10T18:49:43+00:00August 10th, 2023|EAC, LEAP, Oromia Region|

“I used to be lonely and shy before I started school. I now have made friends from students I am learning with. I don’t have problem interacting with people anymore,” says Taju Abdullahi, 12 years old and APLP student at Meda site. Taju is one of the 200 students attending Accelerated Primary Learning Program (APLP)

Paving the Way to Dreams by Making School Accessible for Girls

2023-08-10T18:33:17+00:00August 10th, 2023|EAC, Education, Oromia Region, WASH|

Research shows that most of the girls in rural Ethiopia leave school for four to five days a month during their menstruation because the school environment isn’t conducive to girls. Rahel Shifera is one of these students – she was born and raised in the Gew Gew community, in the Oromia region. She is a

Ending girls battle against cultural practices to stay in school – capacitating local structures as a weapon

2023-08-08T04:44:58+00:00August 8th, 2023|Costa Foundation, CP/GBV, EAC, LEAP, Oromia Region|

"Not only parents but even teachers weren’t as sensitive as they had to be about early marriage. There was this habit of labeling the gender club leader as the only owner of the issue until imagine1day’s project happen to our school,“ says Tejitu Niguse, Biology teacher and gender club leader in Kumbi Primary school. Kumbi

Income Generation Activity to bring out of school children to school

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“I am glad I am getting an opportunity to go back to school after dropping out for a year” says Sitota Kassa, previously identified as an orphaned and vulnerable out of school child at Goro Primary School in the district of Bale zone, Oromia region. As his mother’s only boy, and his father passing away

A Lifechanging Vision of Usman for his Community

2023-12-21T02:38:19+00:00July 11th, 2023|EAC, Education, LEAP, Oromia Region|

Usman Husein has been the chairman for the Parents Teachers and Students Union Committee at Wayu Hora School, a grade 12 graduate himself. He has been serving the school since 2011. As a father of five sons and three daughters, Usman feels drawn to helping his school. “Since Imagine1day came to us, capacity building, awareness

Ibsa’s journey to schooling after a year of dropout

2023-08-08T02:49:01+00:00June 13th, 2023|EAC, Education, LEAP, Oromia Region|

Ibsa Jamal Ahmed is an 11-year-old grade 4 student at Kumbi primary school, one of the 60 target schools in Harena Buluk District supported by EAC’S Leaders Educators and parents (LEAP) Project Target Schools in the Oromia, Bale Zone. Ibsa dropped out of school for one year because there was no one to support him

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