Income Generation Activity to bring out of school children to school“I am glad I am getting an opportunity to go back to school after dropping out for a year” says Sitota Kassa, previously identified as an orphaned and vulnerable out of school child at Goro Primary School in the district of Bale zone, Oromia region.

As his mother’s only boy, and his father passing away at age 7, Sitota has a lot of responsibility at home; however, he is hopeful, and strives for a better future life.

Sitota says “Previously, I dropped out of school because I was too busy to support my mother and I couldn’t afford food, or clothes. I was angry and sad when I saw my friends going to school. I cried and cried, then I worried, and finally I was forced to drop out of third grade because I couldn’t buy my scholastic materials.”

Income Generation Activity to bring out of school children to schoolSitota spent the next years wishing and praying he could get back to school one day. He had just about lost hope when teachers showed up at his door two years later to talk to his mother.

“Imagine1day bought one goat for me via LEAP project of EAC. This goat gave birth and now I have seven- I’m no longer worried about affording scholastic materials or clothes. I can finally say I am hopeful that I will pursue my education.” Sitota’s story is one of 262 out of school children enrolled at Goro primary school after imagine1day’s community mobilization.

Sitota has a vision, just like imagine1day, he wasn’t ready to give up, even when he had to drop out. He’s already ranked in the top 10 students in his class; he has big dreams to become a doctor to support his mother and his country.