A Lifechanging Vision of Usman for his CommunityUsman Husein has been the chairman for the Parents Teachers and Students Union Committee at Wayu Hora School, a grade 12 graduate himself. He has been serving the school since 2011. As a father of five sons and three daughters, Usman feels drawn to helping his school.

“Since Imagine1day came to us, capacity building, awareness creation, and sense of ownership in the school are all increased. I am so happy imagine1day entered Goro district. I wished every day we could find someone to build our schools like this.”

Usman’s story goes beyond just being the chairman of the committee. When the community was presented with the opportunity to receive training from imagine1day, it was originally met with hesitancy. The community had previously been promised a similar program, but it fell through. Usman saw the work of imagine1day in neighboring communities and worked to convince the community to accept the opportunity.

When the time came, the community had gathered some money, but not enough for the program. This is where the selfless father of 8 came into the picture. He funded the rest of the remaining costs on his own; he knew the opportunity was too important for the community to pass up.

“I realized every wish and desire I had for the community came true” Usman emphasized.

By the end of the program, the community had already paid Usman back. They told him they wished they had spent everything they had, and not been so hesitant.

On behalf of the community, Usman had inspiring final words for us, “I’d like to thank the Wayu Hora Kebele community, and the leadership of the Wayu Hora Kebele, who supported the school in this success. Above all, EAC and Imagine1day, who are the heroes of development that came to us at the time we needed them. You will be the first and most successful organization in the whole world.