Creating Access to Education to Break Vicious Cycles of Poverty “I was about to drop out of school before imagine1day provided me the scholastic materials necessary for schooling and sheep as a means of income for my living expenses,” says Antu Junedin, a grade four student in Abu Kemedi Primary School, one of Leaders, Educators, and Parents (LEAP) target schools.

Antu came from a poor family. Her parents are small farmers in the Abu Kemedi community. Their one-hectare land offers neither adequate income for their basic living standards nor their four kids’ school expenses.

Junedin, Antu’s father says, “Both Antu’s mother and I have quit our education

because our parents weren’t aware of the value of education, nor could they afford to send us to school.

Creating Access to Education to Break Vicious Cycles of Poverty

We are living in poverty because we are not educated. Our peers who have pursued their education are living better lives. I had promised myself that I would send all my kids to school so that they get out of the vicious cycle of poverty we are in.

However, what I got from my small farmland didn’t allow me to do so. Imagine1day came into our life at the right time, a time my elder child was forced to stay out of school because I couldn’t afford her school expenses. My daughter was identified as one of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and was provided scholastic materials as well as sheep which has enabled her to stay in school. I am extremely grateful to imagine1day and EAC for giving my daughter education, the best gift one can give.”

Creating Access to Education to Break Vicious Cycles of PovertyAntu likes education a lot. She is a top-ranking student in her class. She is very good at all subjects, but English is her favorite one.

Antu says, “Thanks to imagine1day my sheep has given birth to a lamb, and I will have money that will enable me to pursue my education. I want to be a doctor when I complete my education and I want to provide a better life for my family.”