Gangoa Sanitary Pad Production FacilityThe Guanga Sanitary Pad Production Facility is an amazing initiative, it allows girls to learn the basics of sewing sanitary pads and garments while giving them back to the community, but what makes it even more incredible are the stories of the girls who take on the program.

Hirut is a 20-year-old, she has not only completed her high school education, but she has also completed an undergraduate in construction management and is on her way to completing a master’s in business management. Along with these incredible achievements, Hirut has decided to take on sewing, so she can open her own business.

“When I first came from Dilla to Guanga people were confused and asked why I would leave the opportunities of a big city. Once I presented the benefits, and my future plans, I was quickly supported, and everyone was proud of me” explains Hirut.

The humble, yet highly achieving program student says giving to the community while developing life skills and making a living is important to her. She credits her instructors for being supportive, always being patient, and being there for her whenever she needs them.

Hirut has big dreams of opening her own clothing business in an Industrial Park, until then she says “I take this class Monday to Friday, and work on my master’s on the weekend. I have no problem balancing them because I love to do these things.”

There is no doubt that Hirut is going to do incredible things, she thanks imagine1day for her opportunity.