In 2015 we kicked off our biggest project yet: A three-year initiative to transform education in five districts and enroll 32,268 out-of-school children.

The Community Driven Primary Education for All Initiative will bring together a holistic approach to promote the possibilities that education can offer. From targeted awareness campaigns to professional development programs for teachers, we’re working with parents, leaders and educators to change the education landscape across 260 schools.


Since 2015, we have

  • Enrolled 31,175 out-of-school children
  • Trained 3,502 PTA members and community leaders
  • Constructed seven schools
  • Trained 3,509 educators on modern teaching methodologies

How we’re doing it

Through leadership development programs that we put on for Parent Teacher Associations , religious and political leaders, and women’s associations; girls, orphans and other vulnerable children who are often at risk of not going to school, will have an equal opportunity to others.

By constructing classrooms that serve Grades 5-8, children who would otherwise drop out of school after the 4th grade because the distance to reach Grade 5 is just too far, will now have the chance to continue learning in a brand new school near to their home.

Our early childhood education strategy will encourage parents to send their aspiring scholars to school at a young age, inspiring education as a household value and resulting in children starting primary school at the appropriate age.

Teacher professional development programs and improvements in the quality of school learning environments will bring achievement and attitude changes across the board, and will help reduce drop outs.

The best part of all, this project is being implemented through a funding partnership with Educate a Child, who have made a commitment to match every dollar you contribute. This is a great chance to double your impact.


Map of imagine1day project locations in Tigray and Oromia, Ethiopia.

This project impacts five districts in the Tigray and Oromia regions