Everyday, we meet mothers who fill our hearts to the brim.

Mothers with hope. Mothers with dreams. Mothers who remind us how lucky we are to have things like primary education and how monumental our work in Ethiopia is.

Mothers like Nigisti Redae, a single mother of two, who never had the chance to go to school. Her greatest wish is for her daughter Kelalit to have a good education. “I looked after cattle,” Nigisti shared. “My parents punished me. But I don’t want to punish my daughter. I want to see a good profession for her.”

Fortunately, Kelalit is determined to pursue a brighter future. She was chosen as one of imagine1day’s Graduate Fund scholarship students because of her ceaseless dedication to her studies.

“For me, education means knowledge,” Kelalit expresses. “Education is especially important for girls because we are treated like donkeys around the village. Education ensures a woman’s equality.”

As another Mother’s Day falls upon us, we are proud to support mothers like Nigisti and girls like Kelalit.
You can support too. Make a donation in honour of your own mother today.