imagine1day has been elected to join a core team of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) tasked with coordinating the government and NGO education activities over the next five years.

It comes on the heels of Ethiopia’s latest five-year education framework, Education Sector Development Program V – an ambitious 136-page document that lays out everything the Ethiopian Government hopes to achieve in education between now and 2020.

It is a laudable document that aligns closely with imagine1day’s focus on access and quality. Targets include:

  • Ensuring 100% of Grade 1-4 teachers are qualified – a number that hovers around 55% currently
  • Boosting pre-primary gross enrollment rates to 80% – a massive jump from the current 34% rate
  • Raising the completion rate for primary school to 74%. Currently more than half of primary school children will drop out before Grade 8.

Over 1000 NGOs operate in the education sector in Ethiopia, playing a vital role in transforming the country through education.

To better coordinate the efforts, the government asked education organizations to elect representatives for a new national advisory group. The group – which includes imagine1day and seven other NGOs – will help identify gaps across the country, share best practices and raise policy concerns with the government.

imagine1day’s growing reputation cemented its place in the group. Our model – with a focus on quality education, community partnerships and leadership – is delivering impressive and sustainable outcomes. Last year we were one of 10 charities – and the only education charity – recognized in Ethiopia for our innovative program.

We determined to ensure more Ethiopian children have access to quality education. We know, though, that we cannot do it alone. With support from donors, and partnerships with government, non-profits and the private sector we can make this vision a reality. Becoming a founding member of this influential group is another step in this incredible journey.