“I used to believe that education is forbidden for children with a disability like myself. Until the Accelerated Learning Program (AEP) of UNICEF’s My Home project imagine1day is implementing in my community proved me wrong,” says Oltebo 12 years old Accelerated Education Program student in the Borkora AEP learning site, Kolme district of Konso zone, South Ethiopia.

Oltebo participating in class activity



Oltebo was born with bilateral lower extremity muscle dystrophy disability that caused him difficulty walking. He had never been to school until My Home project happened to his community. The fact that his single mom has sent all his five siblings to school caused Oltebo psychological distress. A journey of displacement following the conflict between Konso and Ale in 2022, even further exacerbated his feelings of despair. Oltabo believed that his disability was a barrier, condemning him to a life confined within the walls of his home.

Oltebo before wheelchair provision


Oltebo says, “The day I am enrolled in the AEP of My Home project imagine1day is implementing with the support from UNICEF was a turning point that reignited our hopes and dreams for me and my family. The wheelchair provision has even made me happier like I have never been. I am very grateful to UNICEF and imagine1day for all the support that has transformed my life.”


My Home project integrates education, child protection, and life skill pillars, aiming to provide access to education for children who were previously out of school due to conflict including Children with Disability (CWD).





Oltabo has been actively attending the AEP, determined to make the most of this newfound opportunity. Despite the challenges he faced, Oltabo’s resilience and hard work have yielded remarkable results. He is one of the top 5 students in his class, with a particular affinity for mathematics. Inspired by the transformative power of education, Oltabo now aspires to become a teacher, eager to make a difference in the lives of others.


Oltebo raising a hand for class participation.