Community leader speaking at a school in Ethiopia.

Lightyear and imagine1day: A journey in leadership

From remote communities to senior levels of government, leadership is at the heart of what we do. By creating great leaders we know we can achieve sustainable and transformational change.

In 2017, we are taking our leadership training a step further. Together with 10 Leaders from Lightyear Leadership (formerly igolu), we will take 350 Ethiopian teachers, advisory members and government ministers through Lightyear’s Level One: Personal Legacy and Level Two: Integrated Leadership. All in a single week.

Leadership training means teaching people how to develop a personal legacy and to map this out through visions and goals.

It promotes self-empowerment, integrity and accountability. It gives people the tools to work together, unleash their creativity and influence others.

Through leadership training, people know they alone are responsible for their future. They also know they have the power to make their future great.

The journey

March 28

Arrive in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa

March 29

Group connect and tourism in Addis Ababa

March 30

Travel to training locations in Awassa, Robe or Mekele

March 31  – April 3

Lightyear Leadership training

April 4

Tourism and travel to Bale Mountain

April 5 – April 6

Take part in the inauguration of Filangur School and camp in the community. See leadership in action in imagine1day communities

April 7

Travel to Langano Lake, and group connect

April 8

Return to Addis Ababa and depart

Transform a nation

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