Susanne Conrad, Mary Anna Noveck and Taina Lyons cut the ribbon at the inauguration of Filangur Primary School.

Filangur School

Two months ago, students at Filangur Primary School studied in decrepit classrooms made of sticks and mud. They endured long lessons perched on the dirty ground, and lacked basic equipment, like books, sports gear and even latrines.

Today, that has all changed. We’ve opened a brand new school for the students at Filangur – in honor of Irma Lyons, a visionary and compassionate educator who positively touched the lives of countless children and their families in New York, Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

Portrait of Irma Lyons.
Irma Lyons

New classrooms, latrines and a playground are giving children a comfortable and enjoyable space to learn in. New books, science equipment and sports gear are making education engaging and more effective.

Already, enrollment rates are up significantly and drop-out rates are down. Every day, the thirst for learning grows even stronger.

None of this would have been possible without the collective of friends, family and strangers, led by imagine1day USA Foundation board member Mary Anna Noveck, who rallied supporters for this incredible cause.



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