Boy named Semere reading an English book. Text overlay: Meet Semere. He will be the first in his family to finish primary school. It's all thanks to people like you.

Give kids a chance to go to school

Despite his determined spirit, it has not been easy for Semere to go to school.

As the youngest, it was Semere’s responsibility to look after the family’s cattle, so he started school very late – at the age of 10.

Four years later, he was forced to drop out – the school in his village only catered for Grades 1-4.

“Last year, I was out of school,” he lamented. “I finished fourth grade a year before and because the school did not have fifth grade, I had to discontinue my education and work on my mother’s farm instead.”

Today, that has all changed. Thanks to our supporters, we have built a brand new school in Semere’s community. It caters up to Grade 8.

Semere, now 16, can re-enroll and continue his studies. He can be the first child, ever, in his entire family history, to complete primary school.

It’s all thanks to people like you.

The director at Semere’s school, Hadera Tesfaye, dreams of a day when luck plays no part in whether children go to school. “Semere is a hard working boy. It is sad to see bright students like him stay out-of-school due to lack of access. His academic performance was 98%, which was one of the best.”

Semere now has access to a quality education, but so many children in Ethiopia still do not.

Please give a gift that will improve the lives of children who, like Semere, dream of having an education.

Please give a gift that will improve the lives of children who, like Semere, dream of having an education.


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