Fields filled with trees, huts, and buildings with mountains in the background

Why Ethiopia?

Because Ethiopia is investing in its own future.

Rather than simply responding to a need, imagine1day was inspired by the ambition of a nation and its people. Ethiopia’s goal to be a middle income country by 2025, exists alongside a vision to transform their education system into one that is accessible to each and every child. Ethiopia’s leaders have demonstrated their commitment by investing 25% of the country’s annual budget in the education sector. This passion for change enables us to confidently partner with Ethiopia, and deliver strong results in return for every dollar we invest in education and leadership.


Because a vision this bold, needs help to come alive.

While the government and the people of Ethiopia are working towards the same dream, there are many obstacles to overcome. Ethiopia currently has one of the world’s highest number of out-of-school children at 1.7 million, and its drop-out rate means that only 19.4% of children make it to high school. The goal that’s been set is big, and it comes with an openness to partner and apply the best possible solutions to get the job done.

Because Ethiopia is a beacon of hope for the world.

Ethiopia is on the rise and its narrative is changing from one of poverty, drought and aid dependence, to a story of a country emerging as a global leader. As the economy continues to grow, it’s easy to imagine a future when other nations look to Ethiopia as a symbol of possibility, and recognize the power of education as the driving force for change.


Because it makes sense to focus on one nation.

We take a business-minded approach to development, by setting goals, applying long-term thinking and achieving results. Our strategy allows us to focus our resources to get to the root of the issues facing Ethiopia’s education sector, in order to ensure systemic and sustainable change. Our objective is to create an environment where foreign assistance is no longer needed and to prove that the transformation of a nation through the actions of its citizens, is possible.