A man playing a drum outside among a group of men in Ethiopia

Our Team

imagine1day International

Team on the ground in Ethiopia

Our implementation team in Ethiopia is unstoppable in their commitment to transform their nation through education.

Seid Aman

Country Director

"No legacy is so rich as honesty." - William Shakespeare


Tilahun Tesfaye

Communications and Fundraising Manager


Daniel Ataklti

Monitoring, Evaluation and Operations Manager

"Don't think, just do."


Amino Yohannes

Finance and Administration Officer

I'm involved because I love what imagine1day is doing in the communities.


Halefom Gezaei

Program Coordinator, Tigray

The most inspiring thing about imagine1day is that we have a very clear goal. Having worked here for four years, I'm most inspired by our goal setting.


Umer Limu

Program Coordinator, Oromia

I'm involved because it was my dream to work for a visionary organization.


Amberbir Haftu

Construction Supervisor

I'm involved because imagine1day has many school construction projects that I want to work on.


Kahsay Girmay

Monitoring, Evaluation, Resolution, and Learning Officer

I like that when we transfer students from open air "dass" schools to proper classrooms, we can immediately see the success of our work.


Mulgeta Abrha

Finance and Administration Assistant

I'm involved because I was inspired when I was a PAC member of imagine1day.


Seid Tium

Community Mobilizing Officer, Mereb Lekhe


Hagos Abrha

Community Mobilizing Officer, Ahferom


Cherkos Hailay

Driver, Ahferom and Mereb Lekhe


Mogos Assefa

Driver, Endomekoni


Seifu Mohammed

Community Development Officer, Meda Welabu

I'm involved because I'm very much inspired by imagine1day's vision.


Semu Mekonnen

Finance & Administrative Assistant, Oromia

I'm involved because I like to work in a culturally diverse organization.


Dorombos Abera

Community Development Officer, Dello Mena


Shimelis Hunde

Community Mobilizing Officer, Meda Welabu


Tesfaye Tadesse

Community Mobilizing Officer, Dello Mena


Tesfay Guta

Community Mobilizing Officer, Barbare


Libabe Gebaw

Community Mobilizing Officer, Endomekoni


Gebru Hailekiros

Community Development Officer, Mereb Lekhe


Amanuel Haile

Community Development Officer, Ahferom


Muhammed Sultan

Community Development Officer, Sawena


Tajudin Abdulgefar

Community Mobilizing Officer, Sawena


Ahmedin Adem

Driver & Messenger, Dello Mena


Muktar Abdi

Capacity Building Officer, Oromia

I'm involved because I want to support my community with commitment, integrity and authenticity.


Kebede Bonsa

Community Development Officer, Barbare

I'm involved because of imagine1day's commitment to transform the education system in Ethiopia.


Amaha Girma

Driver and Liaison Officer

I'm involved because I want to contribute to the betterment of the lives of women and children.


Tirhas Desta

Graduate Fund and Income Generating Activties Supervisor

I am involved because I believe that education is one of the most powerful ways to eradicate poverty from my country.


Worku Kejela

Driver and Photographer

I'm involved because I want to contribute to the betterment of the lives of women and children.


Tsega W/slassie



Yodit Zewdu

Cleaner, Addis Ababa


Vancouver Headquarters

Our team in Vancouver inspires people to use their imaginations and take action to change the world for the better.

Scott Elliott


Each of us is able to inspire change in ourselves and in others. We are catalysts and mirrors of what is around us - the joy of children playing, the challenges of adult life, and the passion of work. I choose to be inspired by what surrounds me.


Kate Lade

Director of Development


Mary Speer

Director of Finance and Administration

I'm involved because I believe in the importance of universal access to education.


Alastair Stewart

Communications Manager

I'm involved because I, like imagine1day, see Ethiopia as a land of possibilities just waiting to be untapped.


Patsy Kolesar

Administrative Assistant

I am involved because I believe that greatness happens when you empower people.


Board of Directors

imagine1day International Organization is independently governed by talented and influential Board members who oversee our mission, long-term strategies and business plans.

David Ferguson

Board Chairman, Canada

My inspiration for being involved in imagine1day was realizing that I had to do more than just write a cheque. I needed to give my time as well - my most precious resource.


Chip Wilson

Director/Secretary, Canada

My inspiration for imagine1day comes from my wife who did so much for a young boy's life when she had so little.


Ciara Corcoran

Director, Canada

Children inspire me. I saw their passion to learn and the strong impact education makes on their lives when I recently visited Ethiopian classrooms. In particular, their desire to attend school when faced with difficult obstacles because of their hope for change motivates me.


Drew Boshell

Director, Canada

I'm involved because there is a need in the world to engage people in the problems and connect them directly to positive change.


Jonathan McCullough

Director, Canada

I'm inspired by our model and how we look for opportunities to develop leaders in everything we do. With every interaction we encourage people to create change in the world.


Shannon Wilson

Director, Canada

I'm involved because I have a passion to elevate the world through the gift of primary education.


Sean Jones

Director, Canada

The people involved with imagine1day inspire me with the measurable difference they are making through education, leadership, and collaboration.


Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of experts who support our leadership team in achieving key strategic objectives.

Joseph Barak

Advisory Council Chairman, Canada


Aklilu Mulat



Dianne Wood



Marissa Cepelinski



Martine Cunliffe

Advisory Council, Canada


Bettina Khan

Advisory Council, Canada


imagine1day Foundation

Board of Directors

Our imagine1day USA Foundation is independently governed by talented and influential Board members who oversee our mission, long term strategies and business plans.

Brett Conrad



Mackenzie Chambers

Director/ Treasurer


Bettina Khan



Sam Bremner



Feben Yohannes



Mary Anna Noveck