imagine1day + WE

imagine1day is pleased to announce it is joining forces with Canadian non-profit WE Charity.

The two organizations will be working together to grow the impact in Ethiopia, support sustainable development in East Africa, and provide efficient shared governance, management, and operations.

Over the past 10 years, imagine1day has built 43 schools, trained 12,000 teachers and leaders, and enrolled 68,000 previously out-of-school children. Through its holistic and sustainable focus, imagine1day has improved education in 487 schools, and directly impacted more than a quarter of a million people.

WE Charity, through WE Villages, has been engineering an international development model to end poverty for over 20 years, and currently operates in eight countries. In East Africa, WE Charity has 15 years’ experience working in partnership with communities in Kenya and Tanzania. Like imagine1day, this work has focused on community ownership and sustainable solutions for rural communities.

Development in Ethiopia will continue, building off the incredible success of imagine1day’s work to date, and expand to include WE’s five Pillars of Impact model, which includes an holistic approach to education, health, water, food and economic opportunity.

This is an exciting and monumental merger of ideas, innovations, and passion, where imagine1day and WE will build off each other’s strengths to create a new, exciting and impactful future together. Together, imagine1day and WE will tackle more of the causes of poverty and barriers to quality education faced in Ethiopia, and create a new future for the children of Ethiopia.


How does this impact development work in Ethiopia?

WE and imagine1day will continue to partner with rural Ethiopian communities and build on imagine1day’s 10-year track record of success in the country, through its focus on partnerships, leadership development, school construction, and pedagogy training. Our dedicated on-the-ground staff will continue to make an incredible impact, and we will honour all our commitments to communities, teachers, students, and donors.

Going forward, we are committed to creating a new, impactful future together. We will unite our organizations and build on the strengths each one offers. WE will look to implement the WE Villages model in Ethiopia, starting in the first communities over the next year-and-a-half. The focus on education will continue and, through WE’s holistic development model, more of the barriers to quality education will be addressed.


What alignment is there between imagine1day and WE?

Our two organizations share similar visions and values. Both organizations support holistic development, community involvement and buy-in, and partnerships with local and regional leaders – all of which ensures our impacts are sustainable.

WE has been helping build up sustainable communities in Kenya and Tanzania for over 15 years, and around the world for over 20. Through this time, WE has developed expertise in working in an East African context, and in remote and semi-arid regions.

With this depth of experience, WE will continue and grow the impactful work of imagine1day in Ethiopia and lead projects moving forward with the incredible team there, under the leadership of Country Director Seid Aman. With imagine1day’s focus on education, WE will help to bring coordination from WE’s headquarters in Toronto to the team on the ground. WE will also share insights into expanding projects within its other Pillars of Impact, including clean water and sanitation, health, agriculture and food security, and income and livelihood opportunities, to ensure the incredible work being done in Ethiopia continues to be holistic and sustainable.


What does this mean for the ‘Imagine 100%’ donation promise?

imagine1day has directed 100% of its donations to our programs in Ethiopia, thanks to a generous endowment that covered our administrations costs. imagine1day and WE are strategically reinvesting some of this fund directly into programmes that will drive further innovations and impact in Ethiopia.

Any donations you have made or pledged to imagine1day to date will be 100% directed towards our on-the-ground programme in Ethiopia.

Going forward, WE is committed to delivering the greatest impact per dollar donated. On average, at least 90 cents of every dollar goes directly to support WE Charity’s projects and programmes — less than 10% of money raised is spent on administration.


What does this mean for the imagine1day USA Foundation?

The imagine1day USA Foundation is an independent US-registered charity, separate from imagine1day International Organization. The imagine1day USA Foundation will continue to operate and raise funds for education in Ethiopia.


I want to know more!

Visit the WE website to learn more about their five-pillar development model.

Contact us if you have further questions.