Two girls standing and smiling outside in Ethiopia

Get to Know Us

imagine1day and WE have joined together to build a global movement that empowers people with the tools and resources to create a better life for themselves.

We know that because we’re making it happen in Ethiopia. Through partnerships with communities, teachers and government, our investment in education and leadership is seeing demand for a new future like never before. The result isn’t aid, but the birth of an Education Movement.

Don’t just imagine. Join us.

Imagine lasting change

We don’t build schools and walk away. We invest in people. From the local village to senior government, we create great leaders. Our work empowers communities to maintain and grow their local schools and take advantage of the life-changing opportunities education provides.

The result? A future of education that will continue long after we’re gone.

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Why Ethiopia?

We like to say that we didn’t pick Ethiopia – they inspired us. Their ambitious goals sparked our imagination, which is now woven into everything we do.

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Our team.

Built around a shared passion for creativity, innovation and education, the imagine1day team are inspiring leadership and action in Ethiopia.

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