Spence Diamonds

Spence Diamonds

We are over the moon excited to thank Spence Diamonds for their commitment to financially supporting two of our key initiatives in Ethiopia: The Graduate Fund high school scholarship program, and our holistic education projects. This commitment spans 2013 to 2015.


Thanks to the great generosity of Spence Diamonds, 105 of Ethiopia’s brightest up and coming leaders will be fully supported in starting their high school journey (35 students per year for the next 3 years). By choosing to invest in The Graduate Fund, imagine1day’s innovative high school scholarship program, Spence Diamonds will make progressing to high school possible for students whose families wouldn’t otherwise have the financial capacity to keep their children in school. In addition to the costs of Grade 9 being covered, the students’ families will be receiving a seed loan and imagine1day’s business skill training. These families will generate the necessary profit to fund the costs associated with Grades 10 through 12, with the tangible incentive to keep their child in school being a forgiven loan and newfound financial opportunity.


Over 3 years, we will invest Spence Diamonds’ contribution in three holistic primary school projects. Not only will we build schools; a new future for these communities will be created by the leaders that will emerge. imagine1day will work directly with educators, community members and the district level government to set audacious goals, and we’ll equip them with the tools to see their best possible future become a reality.

See the progress in our 2014 Field Report.