Chip and Shannon Wilson

Leadership Circle

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Our mission to develop leaders guides our every step; because leadership takes education from a penny stock to a blockbuster IPO.

Chip & Shannon Wilson launched imagine1day in 2007, with an endowment to support our operations and enable a 100% flow-through of public donations to our projects in Ethiopia. Drawing inspiration from their commitment to education and leadership and their vision to reimagine charity, we formed the Leadership Circle to power imagine1day forward to 2030, when our goal to ensure all Ethiopian children have access to quality education free of foreign aid, is achieved.

The imagine1day Leadership Circle enables you to contribute to the design and scale of ground breaking and impactful education programs in Ethiopia, and invest in the acceleration and growth of our brand and the continuance of our 100% model for public donations.

Our Leadership Circle is a network of forward-thinking, established and emerging philanthropists, who, alongside Chip and Shannon, know that a culture of goal-setting and leadership development is paramount to people creating change they want for their communities, their families, and their lives. We treasure the value of this Leadership Circle, from strategic input to dollars given. Membership to the leadership circle begins with a minimum unrestricted annual gift of $1,000.

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