Imagine Ethiopia

The trip of a lifetime. An impact that will last many lifetimes.

This year, travel with purpose. Help us build a new school in Ethiopia, and travel there yourself to celebrate with the community in October on an 8-day life changing journey.

  • Raise $10,000 for a new school by July 9 2017
  • Get on a plane in October
  • Experience Ethiopia and celebrate the opening of the school

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See what it’s like

Experience extraordinary Ethiopia

Follow in the footsteps of mankind and travel further off the beaten path than you ever thought possible. Soak in the views of vast plateaus, pierced by soaring, jagged mountains. Climb to 1000-year-old rock-carved churches in the sky, and take in the paintings, still in their original color today. This place is like nothing else on Earth.


Create connections on the other side of the world

Camp in the community and connect with the children you have built a school for. Dance with the locals around a raging campfire. Share a delicious Ethiopian meal with your newfound friends. These are life-changing connections and experiences.

Transform yourself

We don’t take you out of your comfort zone – we expand your comfort zone. Discover what it takes to create a new legacy for yourself. Learn just how easy it is make an incredible difference in this world.


Transform a community

You will be building a new school for the 707 children of Adi Senay, a community in Northern Ethiopia. These students learn in open-air classrooms that provide little protection from the sun, wind and rain. Others study in dark, enclosed rooms made of mud and rocks. There are only enough desks for a third of the children, and the rest spend long lessons sitting on the ground. With only enough space to cater up to Grade 4, older students must walk three kilometers every day to stay in school. Your support will mean we can build modern classrooms, a library, playground and proper latrines – allowing every child to reach their potential.

>> Meet Hiwot, one of the lives you can change

Here’s how it works:

Raise $10,000 CDN ($8000 USD) before July 9 2017. It’s easier than you think. Last year, one participant raised it in just two weeks!

Travel with us on October 9 – October 16, 2017.

We provide the advice and platform to help you fundraise. 20% of your funds raised will cover your in-country travel expenses, with the rest funding the construction of the school. You will need to purchase your flights to and from Ethiopia.


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