Asset Kit

Endless thanks for choosing to support imagine1day. We’ve pulled together these resources to get you started. Please contact if you need any additional support.


A picture tells a thousand words. We’ve gathered some of our favourite photos from the field for you to share at your own events and fundraisers.

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Go ahead and pick your imagine1day logo of choice to suit your design needs.

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Send a fundraising email

We’ve seen the power of emails in rallying support from friends and family. Use the below email as a starting point for your fundraising:

Subject: Together, we can educate a nation

Dear friend,

I recently learned that there are over 1.7 million children who don’t go to school in Ethiopia, and I’m doing something about it.

Help me raise money for imagine1day by donating to my campaign. Every little bit counts!

What’s really cool about imagine1day is that 100% of the money we raise will directly fund education project costs in the field.

Thank you for your support!


There will be lots of amazing people who help you reach your fundraising goal. Here are some postcards to help you give thanks.

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Facebook/Twitter Cover Photos

Show your love for imagine1day, loud and proud.

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Social Media Props

Your social network is just waiting to learn all about imagine1day. Use these graphic to help you spread the good word.

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Create a Presentation

Create a presentation to tell your family, friends and colleagues why you love imagine1day.

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