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Create + Contribute

We call it Creatribution.

Hard to say, fun to do. Creatribution is a simple idea where giving doesn’t have to mean giving something up. We are a charity that empowers people to find and use their own passions, unique talents, and crazy ideas in ways that leverage social giving, while benefiting themselves and imagine1day’s work in Ethiopia. It’s win-win.

Creatributions are powered by amazingly creative people (like you!) making huge contributions in their communities.




What are your passions? What are your strengths? What would you love to experience or learn? What strengths could you channel into something meaningful?


What could be developed out of your passions. Is it an event? Is it a product? Is it a service? Is it a mix of the above? Is it something else?




Do people buy a product?   Do people pay for a ticket to attend an event? Do people pay a fee in exchange for a service? What other ways can you generate revenue?


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