Melkitu, 15, dreams of a better life for herself.

“My parents are both farmers, but I want to grow up and become an organization director. They labor so much for so little. I do not want to be like them. I believe I will have better life as director of an organization.

“A better life means dressing well, eating well and living in proper housing – that’s what I mean by better life.”

Education is the way to turn her dreams into a reality, Melkitu says. “I regularly attend my classes, I am never absent. I also attend additional tutorial sessions. Last year, I stood 12th out of 60 students in my class.”

She hails from the Chicho community, where last year we opened a brand new school. The impact is significant, she says

Six-year-old Tizita in her new preschool classroom.

“Until this year, I learnt in the old classrooms. I am so happy that I got the opportunity to learn in these new classrooms. These are much better than the old ones. The rooms have more space and light, proper chairs and desks, and the floors are clean – not dusty,” she compares. “I am now more motivated to come to school.”

The coming generation will not have to experience those conditions. Students like Tizita, in the preschool class, will receive their entire education in quality, modern classrooms, something the six-year-old is delighted with: “I like to play with my classmates in the school. We also learn alphabets and numbers,” she says. “I am happy to come to school. I want to become a teacher.”

Chicho School was funded thanks to Reed and Katie Colley, who are parents to two children born in Chicho.