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Discover your unique contribution to the world and let Creatribution™ connect you to your greatest passion, your community, and a community in Ethiopia.

When we first started thinking about how we wanted to connect our community in Vancouver with our communities in Ethiopia, we knew that we didn’t want to go down the traditional volunteer route. We were determined to create a currency for giving that would selfishly fulfill contributors first and, in doing so, elevate their communities and communities in Ethiopia. One incredibly creative night, with our legs up the wall and some of us in handstands, we created Creatribution™ and people in Vancouver and communities all over the world have been having fun with it ever since. Creatribution™ allows Creatributors to contribute awareness and funds in a charitable model that has shifted from one of depletion (where giving means giving something up) to one of abundance (where giving anywhere gives everywhere).

Here's how it works.

What are you best at? Or what could you be best at, given the right conditions? What are you most passionate about? At imagine1day, we support you in combining what you do best with the things that most excite you to discover your unique contribution to the world. Once connected to your unique contribution, we work together to create a Creatribution™ project that, first and foremost, is fulfilling and fun for you.

We’ve seen Creatribution™ occur in a number of different ways – as many different ways as there are people who are excited to be Creatributors. Our friend Lacey is best in the world at leadership and passionate about art. submiT, her Creatribution™, invited artists to submit their designs in a competition that resulted in imagine1day’s first t-shirt. Proceeds from the t-shirt funded a school’s foundation and one of its classrooms. The cool thing is that Lacey’s art community is connected like never before and has a new outlet where their work can truly make a difference. For Lacey, connection to her community and to one of her lifelong passions has resulted in a contribution that is exponentially more powerful than simply writing a cheque could ever be.

When you create a project that’s fulfilling and fun for you, it will elevate you personally, your community will be delightfully involved, and you will raise funds and awareness that make an incredible impact in one of the communities where we work in Ethiopia.

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